We take stewardship seriously.

Our membership program is just getting started, and we have yet to determine whether there are special rewards for the various levels of membership. Rest assured that your contributions will help us to develop Stewards and support our outreach and direct service functions.

We strongly encourage you to try the Zeffy subscription service which does not charge a fee (you have to opt out) and allows members to enter their own unique one-time or recurring monthly amount. You may use the below subscription amounts for reference.

These PayPal subscription levels make it possible for people to join at whatever level is appropriate for them, and automates monthly payments to minimize administrative costs. There is a 3% fee for this service.

Stewards of BRD membership subscription levels:

Student $24 annually
Fairy Shrimp $36 annually
Alkali $60 annually
Obsidian $10/month ($120 annually)
Opal $25/month ($300 annually)
Silver $50/month ($600 annually)
Benefactor $100/month ($1200 annually)

Corporate Levels:

$2400, $4800, $10,000

You may also make a one-time donation through these payment methods:

Zeffy: Follow the prompts to make a one-time ore recurring donation

PayPal: stewards [at]

Venmo: @blackrockstewards

Alternatively, you can send a check made out to “Stewards of the Black Rock Desert” to:

Stewards of the Black Rock Desert
P.O. Box 212
Gerlach, NV 89412