We take stewardship seriously.

2023 Annual Report

Membership – 22Volunteer hours – 610 hours; 3395 miles drivenDonations & Dues – $3,581.45 Activities – Projects Goals

2024 – 2025 Calendar & Goals

The above identified goals and activities align with the Ten-Year Plan, Vision and Mission statements of Stewards of the Black Rock Desert.

Black Rock NCA Cabins

Best Kept Secret of the BRD. Looking for the opportunity to camp in the BRD but don’t have a lot of camping gear?  Check out one the best kept secrets of the BRD.  Camp in one of three cabins on BLM property at Soldier Meadows, Stevens Camp, and Massacre Ranch.  All three have cabins available to the public…
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Gerlach Highway Clean-up

by Phillipe Steinmann The 447 Highway clean up is an ongoing project initiated by the Burning Man organization and then followed by Friends of Black Rock High Rock. In March of 2024 Laura Blaylock sponsored my original effort, I then was excited by the project and decided to continue on my own. Having participated with BM and…
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Dooby Lane aka Guru Road

written by Matthew “Metric” Ebert Dooby Lane is a unique artwork just outside of Gerlach that has been around for over 50 years, long before Burning Man emigrated to the Black Rock Desert. Stretching a mile adjacent to Route 34, the main medium of the artworks is modern petroglyphs— multiple rocks carved with witticisms, tributes…
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KBRU-LP at 92.5 FM

On December 8, 2023, Stewards of the Black Rock Desert, permittee of station call sign KBRU-LP (this call sign has since then been rewarded), 92.5 FM in Gerlach, NV, filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a new Non-commercial Low Power FM license. Members of the public wishing to view this application or…
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Logo with new URL

The old URL,, resolves to the new URL,, which is shorter.

Volunteer Effort Form

There is a new form set up to record any volunteer effort from outreach, education, administration, or other effort on behalf of Stewards of the Black Rock Desert. You can access the form here with a Google login.

Stewards of BRD Strategic Planning session

We recently held our first strategic planning session to identify areas to focus our energy in the coming year. Here is a small sample of what we resolved: Year Project Lead Person(s) 1 OHV Staging Area     (partnership) Carol 1 – 2 OHV trip guidance pamphlet Metric, Fi 1 Membership Promotion Trifold Rita 2 – 5…
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