2023 Annual Report

We take stewardship seriously.

2023 Annual Report

Membership – 22
Volunteer hours – 610 hours; 3395 miles driven
Donations & Dues – $3,581.45

Activities –

  • Held monthly meetings
  • Attended Sierra Nevada Sustainable Recreation Partnership monthly meetings
  • Booth at Reno Outdoor Expo
  • National Trails & Public Lands Days
  • Black Rock Rendezvous
  • Entered into a Volunteer Assistance Agreement with the BLM for monitoring in the BRO
  • Applied for a Low-Power FM Radio License
  • Posted daily journal entries covering the travels of Freemont through the BRO on our Facebook
  • Stewards of the Black Rock Desert Facebook page. The page has 561 members, over 100 posts,
    including a chronicle of Fremont’s Second Expedition between December 15, 1843, and January
    15, 1844, as he traversed the Black Rock Desert on his way to Pyramid Lake 180 years ago.
  • Friends of Guru Road Facebook page. This page is to collect pictures and cultivate public interest
    in Guru Road and future maintenance efforts. Includes contact with Regan Williams regarding
  • Travel Nevada 3D Tourism FBRHR meetings. Guru Road tour, 3 meetings, phone conversations,
    grant proposal preparation
  • KBRU-LP FM radio station. FCC construction permit application, webpage, meetings, research, correspondence.
  • meeting with Peter Goin re: Guru Road
  • Gerlach GO and GECAB meetings
  • Tour of Guru Road with co-creator Dan Deveny


  1. Housing & equipment for KBRU-LP Radio station
  2. Develop programing: BRO news, safety and public service announcements, information,
    educational and historical programs
  3. Brochures for BLM Cabins & Historical trails for self-guided motorized vehicle tours


  1. Fill all Board Member Positions – 3 vacancies
  2. Complete BLM Volunteer Service Agreement with BLM for monitoring and MOU for brochures
  3. Secure KBRU partner subscribers who will utilize the air time for public service announcements
    and educational programing
  4. Quarterly Stewards Newsletter
  5. Identify and apply for one grant fund opportunity