We take Stewardship seriously.

Outreach, education, and protection of resources in the Black Rock Desert region.


Visiting camps and events in the Black Rock Desert and beyond, a goal of staffing the Bureau of Land Management’s Black Rock Station, collecting contact data, producing media


Host events, publish brochures with safety tips, historical information, & lists of resources, develop programs for children about camping, nature, history, astronomy, etc., interpretive sign installation for historical, ecological, and geological significance


Improve OHV staging, primitive camping, and toilet access, hiking trails, improve Gerlach support resources


We are always recruiting active, diverse people to join our board! Your service will make a difference and be greatly appreciated.

Carol Montgomery


Outreach, community service, and volunteer extraordinaire.

Matthew “Metric” Ebert


Technical assistance, facilitation, history buff, and taker of notes.

Kim Murcia

Vice President

OHV Advocate, kayaker, hiker, connector of people.

Phillipe “Fi” Steinmann


Black Rock Motorcyle Club founder, avid Tread Lightly recreationalist

Stewards of the Black Rock Desert
PO Box 212
Gerlach, NV 89412
stewards [at] blackrockstewards [dot] org